Advertisements on Windows 10 can be a nuisance for newly installed laptops. The only way to remove the bloatware installed with the machine is as follows:



Below is a list of ways to remove advertisements in windows 10.

  1. Removing from the start Menu.
  2. Remove from the lock screen.
  3. Remove Action center and Notifications.
  4. Remove ads from windows explorer.

Removing ads from the Start menu

1. Choose “Settings”.

3. Click on “start”

3. Toggle off “show suggestions occasionally in Start”

Removing from the lock screen

1. Select “Settings

2. Choose “Lock Screen

3. From the background, choose either “Picture or SlideShow

4. Turn off “Get fun facts, tips and more from windows and cortana on your lock

Removing from Action Center and Notifications

1.Select “Settings

2. Choose “System

3.Select “Notifications & Actions

4. Untick ” Get tips, tricks, and suggestions as you use windows

Removing from Windows explorer

Open file explorer

.Select “View

2. Choose “Options

3.Select “Change folder notifications and search options

Under the window, Folder options, Select View tab

4. Scroll down and Untick ” Show sync provider notifications